Refining process in construction. Goldhofer in action night time shot

Refining processes in construction

As you approach your next big project, consider eliminating unnecessary steps that create room for error & time constraints.

With the ease and convenience of our heavy haul experts, the
best engineers, and the top notch crane crew we have refined the process of construction. These pictures show a great example of this.

It all began with careful planning & engineering, then it was time to execute! With our Goldhofer, the pipe rack modules ranging from 70K lbs to 100K lbs, were moved into place and prepped for the pick.

Over a two week period we utilized our 500 and 900 ton cranes both in luffer to pick and set all 6 of these massive pieces.

All of this was done as a shutdown at the
refinery so communication and coordination between the shutdown crew, the refinery, and new construction team was critical.
Congratulations to everyone involved on a job well done!

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