big block

Big Block

LR-1600 Load Block

Perspective is everything. The load block for our LR-1600 looks like any other when you see it hanging, but on the ground and up close you can really begin to grasp just how massive the equipment is!

The 10 sheave block weighs in at 1250kg (2750lbs). In order to properly tension 20 lines of 28mm wire rope this block has 10 cheek weights installed. Each cheek weight adds an additional 500Kg, bringing the total to 13,750lbs.

That’s a lot of weight to you and I, but the LR-1600 can lift 1.2 millon pounds!

Mountain Crane Services

  • Mountain Crane Services provides a variety of crane services across the In- termountain West including plant shut- downs, steel, pre-cast panels, heating and cooling units, transformers, pools and hot tubs, demolition, wind turbines, and bridge girders, to name a few.

  • Mountain Heavy Transport provides all heavy transport services, including heavy haul, jack-n-slide, and modular platform trailers (Goldhofer). Mountain Crane Service employees receive continual training through Operating Engineers Local 3 and have their CCO Certifcation.

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