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500 Ton Tandem Crane

Working in Tandem

We recently had the opportunity to work with Nucor Steel and Titan Construction installing a new, long span, 35 ton over-head bridge crane. The new crane was installed using two of our 500-ton Liebherr hydraulic cranes. This 35 ton, long-span overhead crane was installed to replace a crane that has been working in the steel production at Nucor for over the last 40 years. The old over-head crane’s service and long life assisted in loading and moving more tons of steel products than you can imagine.

It’s life is not over however… We loaded it onto our 100 ton dollies and moved it to a new location on the plant.

It was installed in a different building so it could continue to service the steel industry in a less rigorous/demanding part of the facility. The job was extremely technical and time consuming but thanks to an experienced crew and strong team, the job was executed safe and as planned. Thanks to everyone involved for assisting where needed and making this tandem lift a success.

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Mountain Crane Services

  • Mountain Crane Services provides a variety of crane services across the Intermountain West including plant shut- downs, steel erection, pre-cast panels, heating and cooling units, transformers, pools and hot tubs, demolition, wind turbines, and bridge girders. Mountain Crane Service has a team of expert operators trained to conduct tandem lifts.

  • Mountain Heavy Transport provides
    all heavy transport services, including
    heavy haul, jack-n-slide, and modular
    platform trailers (Goldhofer). Mountain
    Crane Service employees receive continual
    training through Operating Engineers
    Local 3 and have their CCO Certifcation.

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