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Bare Rentals

Mountain Crane Service has a diverse fleet of equipment available for bare rental.

A bare rental PDF will soon be available on our website.

For questions or quotes regarding bare rentals feel free to contact John Krane at (801) 842 – 8937.

Rough Terrain Cranes 15 – 130 Ton Capacity

Crawler Cranes 100-660 Ton Capacity

Industrial Carry Decks 8.5 – 15 Ton Capacity

Forklifts 8,000# 10,000# and 12,000#

Semi Tractors & Trailers

Other equipment may be available for bare rent upon request. Feel free to contact us at (801) 282-3330 for more information.

Employee Spotlight

John Krane is new to the Mountain Crane family. He has a great deal of experience from his work history with Sterling Crane in Colorado and Crane Rental in Florida. He also has an MBA from Baker University.

He is our new Bare Rental Manager and has done an excellent job in developing better processes in the short time he has been with us.

We are excited to have John as a part of our team. In his spare time John enjoys playing hockey, coaching baseball, riding dirt bikes, spending time outdoors, and being with his family.

He and his wife, Shelley, are the parents of two children, one daughter and one son.

Christmas Party

Mountain Crane Service held its annual Christmas party for employees and families early in December. With almost 300 people in attendance we had quite a crowd to enjoy the various games and activities set up throughout the facility.

A highlight of the evening was a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus who presented each child with a special gift.

Mountain Crane Service wants to thank its employees once again for all their hard work and great attitudes. We have a excellent group of people and consider everyone to be a part of one big, happy family.

Happy Holidays from Mountain Crane!

Spotlights from Previous Issues

If you would like to learn more about some of the team of Mountain Crane, please check out the Employee Spotlights from previous 2010 issues. Gary Rehmer (Safety Manager) – May

Rich Hunt (Project Superintendent) – June

Josh Martin (Senior Estimator) – July

Skyler Mundy (Estimator) – August

Travis Horton (Operations Manager) – September

Nicole Hudson (Maintenance Secretary) – October

Brandon Walker (Business Development) – November

John Krane (Bare Rental Manager) – December

Jacobsen Tower Crane

Mountain Crane Service has been partnering with Jacobsen Construction for the dismantling of tower cranes on the City Creek project. The tower crane disassembly shown to the right utilized our LinkBelt LS348 300 Ton crawler crane with 200 feet main boom and 160 feet luffer.

The process of taking the sections apart was particularly difficult due to cold weather and icy conditions. The tower crane was over 300 feet high. Our crews, directed by Travis Horton and Tyson Allen, performed a quick and efficient turn around.

Our cranes can be found downtown dismantling other tower cranes over the next several weeks.

Looking Forward: 2011

We look forward to another good year in 2011. In the past year, we have added both new cranes and new customers. Over the next couple months we hope to follow up on spring projects and help customers find the best crane for their job sites. Our sales and engineering team are available for project walkthroughs.

Contact Information:

Josh Martin Cell: (801) 803 – 4249 E-mail:

Skyler Mundy Cell: (801) 520 – 0587 E-mail:

John Krane Cell: (801) 842 – 8937 E-mail:

Brian Wenneshiemer Cell: (313) 727 – 2250

Lon Stam Cell: (801) 809 – 6159 E-mail:

Jared Belcher Cell: (801) 300 – 0520 E-mail:

Rich Hunt Cell: (801) 707 – 0152 E-mail:

Employee Spotlight

Brandon Walker grew up in California and is a fan of the big three local sports teams: San Francisco Giants, Sacramento Kings, and the 49ers. He is fluent in Spanish and likes to travel throughout Central and South America. Mountain Crane Service is currently utilizing his skills in this area as a translator and business devel-opment.

In his spare time Brandon enjoys spending time in the great outdoors including recreational sports activities with friends and camping.

Jacks and Skates

Mountain Crane Service is expanding our rigging services. We have recently been working on several job sites requiring jacks and skates. Mountain Crane employees have been trained by highly capable industry professionals. Each crew is lead by an experienced supervisor and each project has been carried out safely and efficiently.

Mountain Crane Service estimators and engineers are available to look through any upcoming project you may have. We feel that our lift experience and variety of services can be a great asset to you as you plan your next lift.

Pictured is a AutoCAD drawing prepared by our lift engineer in the planning phases of a jack and roll lift.

AutoCAD drawings can be prepared for any upcoming project to meet customer and property owner specifications.

For additional information regarding our engineering services feel free to contact Jared at

Pumpkin Shoot

Mountain Crane Service recently participated in the annual White Construction Pumpkin Shoot. Decked out in camo gear, the Mountain Crane guys enjoyed a full day of shooting guns in all shapes and sizes.

The pumpkin featured below was Mountain Crane’s contribution to the event. It weighed over 900 lbs. and was shipped from New York specifically for this event.

Safety Barbeque

Before beginning their Halloween festivities, Mountain Crane Service employees met for a quarterly safety barbeque. Presenters were selected from Operations and Office staff. Topics included PPE, Bills of Lading, Driver’s log books, IFTA fuel logs, and equipment maintenance. The new employee safety incentive program was also introduced, a system which rewards employees for each one hundred hours completed without accident or incident. Each employee was given a safety punch card that can be redeemed for quarterly prizes.

Employees were also recognized for their efforts to complete paperwork and be proactive in meeting customer’s needs.

To conclude the meeting, employees were treated to a full scale barbeque and given pumpkins filled with candy to share with their families.

Mountain Crane continues to focus on safety both on and off the job. For more information on our quarterly safety meetings contact Gary Rehmer at