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Mountain Crane - Reach Higher

MAY ENTER TO WIN: A LEGO Technic Mobile Crane!

Get ready for the biggest, most complex LEGO Technic model ever -the Mobile Crane MK II! Drive this 2,606-piece behemoth of a model into position with the cool 8-wheel steering and the superstructure.

Then, activate the included LEGO Power Functions motor to extend the outriggers, lower the feet and extend or raise the crane arm up to 77cm into in the air. Lower the hook with the working winch and get ready to lift the load!

This authentic 2-in-1 model also features 10 wheels, 5 axles, and a detailed V8 motor with moving pistons. Rebuilds into a container stacker and truck featuring Power Functions motor-powered extending and raising boom.



Putting our 900t to Work

Mountain Crane recently had the opportunity to provide crane service
for the ongoing bridge rehabilitation project on 1300 South in Salt Lake
City, Utah. Working with Granite Construction and Hanson Eagle Precast,
Mountain Crane provided our new Liebherr 900t crane, in addition
to a Liebherr 500t, a GMK 275t, and a Grove 110t crane.

Project Manager Skyler Mundy selected the 900t for this job because of it’s broad capabilities. The 900t was able to set the concrete girders by itself, instead of using two 500t cranes. 

Because this was a partial demo, with only certain sections being removed, extra caution had to be taken to ensure nothing happened to the existing girders. Powerlines just south of the project created tight constraints, increasing the complexity of the project. Additionally, railroad tracks run under the bridge, and all trains continued operation throughout construction.



Installing Box Culverts at Riverton Hospital





Earlier this month, Mountain Crane Service worked with Reynolds Parson to install box culverts at Riverton Hospital. Using our Demag 170t and a Grove RT 90t, we were able to successfully set the 38,000 pound culverts.


MHT Minute: Transporting a Water Purification Vessel

Mountain Heavy Transport recently assisted with transporting a large water purification assembly to North Dakota. Multiple vessels and skid mounted reverse osmosis units were shipped to assist with a large gasification project. Give us a ring for your next heavy move! Contact Ryan at: 801-556-3828


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